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Welcome to the first installment of the Infertility Blog. My name is Dr. Licciardi and I am an infertility specialist at the NYU Fertility Center(NYUIVF.com and DrLicciardi.com). My goal for this site is to educate people about infertility through example. I see many types of problems each day, and I will bring lessons from my experiences to this site. This will help people get a better understanding of their problem, and maybe get them better care by raising questions about the service they are receiving from their current health provider. That’s it for now, more to come.

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  1. laura damico says:

    hi dr. licciardi. thanks for your email and very interesting blog. sorry i cancelled my donor cycle in dec. 05. i hand-picked a donor from a local clinic on li. my first hcg was 445. today, which was 48 hours later, it was 848, almost double, double would have been 890. is this a sign of an inevitable miscarriage????
    thanks for your feedback!!!

  2. laura damico says:

    hi dr. licciardi. thanks for your email and very interesting blog. sorry i cancelled my donor cycle in dec. 05. i hand-picked a donor from a local clinic on li. my first hcg was 445. today, which was 48 hours later, it was 848, almost double, double would have been 890. is this a sign of an inevitable miscarriage????
    thanks for your feedback!!! my email is damicoljjj@yahoo.com

  3. salsa1234 says:

    Dear Dr. Licciardi,

    I am a 30/31 year old woman. I just recently got my LH and fsh check. I did the three day test. My LH came back 6.3. The scale is 1.9-12.5 follicular phase. My FSH is 2.1. The range is 2.5-10.2 for the follicular phase. As you can see the FSH is low. Should I be concerned and see a specialist? My doctor shrugged and told me she didn’t know.

  4. alafiag says:

    Hi Dr. Licardi,
    Two years ago at 42 I went to the Vermont Center for Repro Med in my home town of Burlington, Vermont and had an FSH of 12. They were going to do IVF with me, though warned me that my chances were less than 10%. I then went to consult with The Colorado Center for Repro Med since they specialized in older patients, and my FSH for them a couple of months later was 19 (used their lab). They saw 6 follicles and told me I was only a candidate for IVF with egg donation via their program. Now I am 44. I guess I’m out of luck with regard to using my own eggs. I wish at the time, two years ago, I had pursued one other clinic and another FSH test, which might have been closer to 12 again. Anyway, before going with egg donation, is there any other recourse at 44? Are my chances indeed below 5% with my own eggs? I have no other explainable/diagnosed cause beyond my age and FSH and inability to concieve to date. If I go with a donor, can you recommend a clinic in Massachusettes, where my mother lives?
    Thanks very much,

  5. alafiag says:

    Hi Again Doctor Licciardi,
    Alafia in Vermont has a couple additional questions – I’m wondering if McGill in Montreal (just two hours from me) would be much different for IVF/DE than traveling back to CCRM (who claim an 85% rate of success)? How can I discern if it’s worth the added travel and long distance strain or not? What are your thoughts on IVM – which McGill uses? Seems easier on the donor — does it affect sucess rates?

  6. Kristina says:

    Thank you for writing this blog! There is a lot of good info here that is well written, and I will recommend your site to others.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dr. Licciardi,
    I am interested in knowing about POF. I’m 32 and my doctor canceled my ivf. My husband and I have a surrogant waiting in the wings for my embroyos.I was born without a uterus. I’ve spent the last 24 hours crying my eyes out. My RE want me to take estrogen. I have know idea if I have POF. I do not know if my RE checked for it. Everything seemed to be going fine till I was given Lupron twice. Than my RE began to say my ovaries where small. Could My RE over suppressed on ovaries?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Licciardi,
    I sm 37. We have a 3yr old daughter. I have had 2 miscarriages in the past year. I saw an RE in Pensacola, FL a few months ago. My day 3 FSH was 14. The RE told us that he would only do IUI with high dose meds. and he would NOT consider IVF due to my high FSH and age. We did one IUI cycle and I responded well to the meds, but it did not lead to pregnancy. I am trying to lower my FSH through accupuncture. Do you have any suggestions for lowering FSH and can you explain why my RE won’t consider IVF? It seems like most are reccommending it on the web.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can I become pregnant on a cyst cycle? Last Cycle was Follistim/HCG/IUI/Progesterone Supp. Doctor found one cyst each on both ovaries and asked me to take a break this cycle. I do ovulate on Metformin. If I ovulate this cycle, are there any chances that I get a BFP? I have PCOS, rest everything is fine.

  10. Becky says:

    Dr. Licciardi,
    I am a 40 year old woman and have recently been treated for infertility. I have recently been told that my FSH level is to high. Two months my FSH level has been 16, the third month it was 24. My doctor says that I have approx. 3 to 8 eggs every month. But, because of my FSH levels being so high on the third month, my eggs are not of quality to reproduce. My doctor is recommending using a younger womans eggs and my husbands sperm, then place them inside of me all for $30,000. Can a woman with an high FSH level get pregnant? Can you make any other suggestions or alternatives?

  11. Anonymous says:

    hi dr. licciardi, been surfing the web looking for answers. and i found your blog site. here’s my numbers…

    my husband is 40 years old. i’m 34 years old and will be 35 in 3 months.

    I had problems with my egg size. i produce a lot but the size is not enough. my ob advised me to take clomid and my eggs reached the desired size 21mm and up. then along the way i had two polyps (which was seen in my previous vaginal ultrasound). we tried medication but after wasting months i decided to have it removed instead. we tried two more times of taking clomid to get the right size (it always works).

    but here’s the problem. my husband is also seeing a urologist after our first try of the clomid after the polyps removal. and he was diagnosed with varicocele. his doctor also asked him to take clomid to increase motility, morphology, and count. oh i forgot to mention he’s taking metformin for his blood sugar and micardis for his hypertension. his blood pressure was and is under control. we are working on his sugar. he is also 300 lbs 6 footer guy. but he is dieting right now and exercising to lower the weight.

    he just had a sperm analysis done. and it said 0% motility, 0% morphology, specimen is 1cc of pearly white sl. viscous fluid, count is 5.3million/ml. rbc 0-1/hpf. wbc 4-6/hpf. ph – 8. he was taking american ginseng on this test. and he did not take any clomid.

    last july his motility is 10% and morphology is 40%, count is 4.5million/ml. rbc is 2-4hpf. wbc 5-10/hpf. ph is 8. he was taking clomid before this test.

    so here’s my question.

    0% motility? as in nothing. what does it mean? how can it have 70% morphology and 0 motility?

    what should we do? my husband is planning on taking clomid and american ginseng at the same time. and do semen analysis again, this time from a different hospital. is it good for him? will it have bad effect on his blood sugar and hypertension?

    what should we do? i’m really hoping on being a mom before Christmas 2009.

    i’ll wait for your answer on this. thanks 🙂

    dee 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    Doctor Licciardi,
    I came across your blog while I was searching for some answers on infertility. My Husband and I have been trying for about a year and a half with no results. I was just curious what the first steps of infertility testing are. I live in Northern Utah and was just curious if you by chance knew any fertility specialists in this area? Or of any financial assistance for infertility treatments? I know you’re probably very busy helping others and I’ll understand if you don’t answer but I just don’t know where to start and I’m feeling very hopeless. Thank you for your time.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dr. Licciardi, I find your blog incredibly helpful. Thank you for doing a wonderful service for this community. I am 36, have been trying for 2.5 yrs, had 2 chemical preg (1 natural 1 with IVF). I had a large fibroid that was removed. All tests have been normal, except elevated anti-thyroglobulin Ab, SSA, ANA, IgA and IgG. I have a history of Hashimoto’s and Sjogren’s. Does the presence of these antibodies affect my chance of a successful preg?

  14. sarah says:

    Hey Doc! I had 2 cysts, cancelled ivf cycle after lupron phase. Weird thing is, no period ever since taking the bcps and lupron… 60 days ago!? Had an u/s today and they said lining is 3 – too thin for period to be imminent. But, at baseline u/s (checking for cysts) while I was on lupron, lining was 15 (they thought period was right around the corner). Since I never had a period, where did it go?

    Nurse and very reputable Colorado RE are “stumped” – any ideas?

  15. Kelli says:

    hi dr. licciardi, great blog. thanks for all the info. I am a 27 yr old female. I have had 2 misscarriages with my husband. 1 at 6.5 weeks and the other at 17 weeks. They have found I have a Bicornate uterus(or maybe a septum) as i read from you previous blogs. The doctor I am seeing said it was a bicornate after histosalpingogram. He also said that he doesnt think either have to anything to do with the shape of my uterus. On the 17 week miscarry the baby had died 1-2 weeks earlier. We have ran all the extensive blood work and everything came back normal( we did not run a chromosomal test) Thanks for any info 🙂 help needed.

  16. Rae says:

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  17. Rae says:

    Dear Dr. Licciardi,

    I am a 34/35 year old woman. I was recently told that my FSH level is 18. It seems as if I shouldn’t put my hopes up for ever conceiving. I have been trying naturally for more than a year now with no success. Are my chances slim? The insurance requires that I begin clomid, but my doctor stated it is slim to none chance that it would work and that it is just protocol to begin clomid first. What are my chances with IVF or what are my chances at all?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dr,

    I am 28, chain smoker (now reduced), heavy coffee drinker.

    My sperm test showed motility at 43% and 38m cc, 70% progressive, 18% morphology.

    How bad is my motility??? Can I improve it. I am unmarried, can I make a family.

  19. Marylou says:

    Dr Licciardi,
    With a lot of interested I have read your comments on infertility especially when it comes to values of hormones as estradiol, FSH, TSH etc. I am 45 years old and the first IVF has failed 4 years ago. My husband an I have tried to look for a more relaxing way to approach the situation and in december 2008 I was pregant. Unfortunately there was no embryo and therefore the pregnancy had to be ended. We want to give it a last try and therefore on my 3rd day I have done a bloodtest and am waiting for the results. In this test my doctor has askes the lab to also check values of Inhibine and the antimuller (antimullerina) hormone. Although my FSH level, estradiol etc for my age have been surprisingly good, my ovaries have no high production of egg that can be fertilized and used for IVF. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you so much for your time and I would like to say that it is great to read about the items you have posted in this blogg. Easy to understand and truly helpfull.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dr. Licciardi,

    I would really appreciate your advice. I am currently going through IVF with an egg donor. After spending a lot of time finding a donor, we found out that she is a carrier of cystic fibrosis. My doctor told us that we can either continue by testing my husband for cystic fibrosis and continue if he tests negative or find a new donor. Is it common to use an donor that tests positive for CF or should we really reinvest the time in finding a new donor. Thanks so much for your feedback!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Licciardi:

    I was prescribed bloodwork to determine my fertility by RMA of New York. My results on day 3 are:
    FSH 2.5
    LH: 1.2
    Estradiol: 228
    Progesterone: 0.3
    Prolactin: 10.27

    What are my chances of a successful pregnancy? Do I desperately need assisted reproduction? I’m 37 years old. My husband’s sperm is ok. I appreciate your response.

  22. Dear Dr Licciardi,

    I am a gynaecologist specialising in the management of endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain.

    Having just set up a blog to help women with pain, your site was recommended to me as a good example of how such a blog can work effectively.

    If you have any suggestions on how such a blog can be truly useful to help women, I would be very grateful.

    With many thanks,

    Dr Susan Evans

  23. well doc, I want to ask you something, do you know or something read one of the Dr Kurt Williams articles? this man is a real expert in this matter, he have a lot experince treat people with problems like this.

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