FSH and Estradiol(Estrogen)

It is also important to measure the estradiol on day 3. Day 2 is fine. The reason its day 3 is 15-20 years ago, the IVF medications were always started on day 3. So everyone who started an IVF cycle had Estradiol and FSH measured on day 3. Pregnancy rates were checked against different levels of FSH and Estradiol, and that’s how the original work was done. I did research with the day 3 Estradiol level when I was a fellow.
If the estradiol level is high, the FSH level will be artificially lowered, and the FSH level will therefore not accurate. For example, I may have a patient with an FSH an 18 and an
estradiol level of 45. Next month the FSH is 8, but the Estradiol is 92. This is just as bad as her first test. Once the estradiol is over about 50, the FSH will be lowered. Just because the FSH becomes lower does not mean the patient is more fertile. If the estradiol is elevated month to month, this is as bad as the FSH being elevated month to month.
Why does the Estardiol level become elevated? For some women, the cycle gets shorter as their ovaries age. So that by day 3, when the follicle should not yet be growing, the follicle has already started to grow and produce estradiol, and for reasons we don’t yet understand, this is bad. Taking estrogen pills to lower the FSH level does not help. It’s like taking Tylenol to lower your temperature if you have appendicitis. Your temperature may come down, but there is still a problem. Some doctors say there is a benefit to lowering the FSH level with estrogen. They say that when the FSH is high, the ovary become resistant to FSH and can’t be stimulated by fertility drugs(which contain FSH). The theory is that by lowering FSH levels with estrogen, the ovary will respond when high doses of FSH are added(in the form of the fertility injections). It sounds reasonable, however there is no literature to support these claims, i.e. there is no evidenced based medicine.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all thanks for starting this blog. What an amazing way to reach limitless amounts of women! I did have 3 questions:
    1) Do you have recommendations for lowering FSH (I’m 39+ FSH=11) & do you think acupuncture helps your patients?
    2)Do you think stress (my Mother has terminal cancer)has anything to do with IVF success or failure?
    3)If I did not respond to IVF meds (Gonal F 300 – 450 & Menopure 150), would I respond in the future?

    Thanks so much,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for starting this blog it’s what i needed to ease my anxieties. Day 3 for me was this past saturday, i was told that my FSH was high 14.2 i was prescribed a birth control pill that i have to start tomorrow i finish it on may 1st hopefuly my FSH would have gone down. I am so worried that i might be turned away if my FSH remains high is there anything else i should be doing to help. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have an FSH of 7.6 and an estradiol level of 248. My periods have gotten longer as I’ve aged, not shorter. Whta does the 248 # mean?

  4. jf515 says:

    Dr. Liccardi:

    I have done 3 FSH/E2 day 3 tests and the results are:

    FSH: 1.1
    E2: 50

    FSH: 1.6
    E2: 205

    FSH: 1.4
    E2: 160

    Based on what you wrote about high estradiol levels every month on day 3 being as bad as high FSH, I am devastated. I just turned 33. Does this mean my eggs are no good?

  5. Anonymous says:

    We had 20 Egg follicles. Upon retrieval Dr. discovered 7 were cysts. 13 remained, only 6 fertilized. We had 4 embroys that were good for transfer. (1) 8 cell embryo, (1) 6 cell embryo, (2) 4 cell embroys. Dr. didn’t advise as to why transfer didn’t work. Suggested we try again, this time he would administer more medication. Question: Since I was on that medication, my breasts are very tender. How long does it take for your body to get back to normal. It’s been one month since I had IVF done.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m currently seeing a Doctor regarding my absent menses. I have an 8 year old son, and have only had my cycle 4 times since he has been born. My period was sparked by taking BCP, but then I stopped taking them, and my menses stopped as well. I then decided to go back on BCP, but a different brand, and my cycles never came back. I’m glad to be seeing a Doctor that is caring and understanding. It really makes a difference no matter what the end result. He tested my FSH levels, and it was 32. Of course, I’m not having my periods. He tested my TSH and it was normal, along with a few other tests. He is now doing a progesterone challenge. I just finished the last of the 5 pills today. He said after that to come back and see him within 2 weeks. I have my next appointment on Jan. 4th. My Doctor said, don’t worry if you don’t start your period after the progesterone challenge. It’s not bad news either way, just a two different paths that this can take. I mentioned chinese herbs and accupunture to him, but he wasn’t too enthusiastic about that idea. He said he’s never known of anyone taking chinese herbs that led to a successful pregnancy. Wondering if you agree?
    Anyway, just thought I would share my story. I’ll keep my eye on this blog.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have high levels of FSH and haven’t had my cycle for years. I’ve been doing research myself over the internet to try and find out what could be going on with my body. I’ve been absent of my periods since the age of 22. I’m wondering if Addison’s Disease could be what is causing this. I’ve been tested for tumor of the pituitary, TSH, and blood drawn for levels of various hormones.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i just took my day 3 test. my estradoil was 107 and fsh was 77. should i be concerned? i’m only 32.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for starting this blog, It’s a comfort to know that I am not the only one with questions and concerns. I just had my Day 3 blood work done.

    LH: 4.2 mlu/ml
    Prolactin 9.0 ng/ml
    FSH(Follitropin) 6.0 mlU/ml
    Testosterone 25 ng/dl
    TSH 2.506 mclU/ml
    Estradiol 41 pg/ml

    What do these numbers mean?
    Thank You so much,

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am 50 and just had a D&C due to irregular bleeding. Tests results show both my FSH and Estadial levels are extremely high. The FSH is 109 and the Estradial level is that of a 21 year old. What is my next step to solve this puzzle?

  11. leslie says:

    Thanks for the more personal approach to talking about fertility issues.

    I have a daughter who is 4. I have been pregnant 3 times since having her, and all have failed for what seem to be different reasons.

    The first was a termination for medical reasons (age 35). Baby’s brain was not developing past 20 weeks.

    The second was an ectopic pregnancy. (age 35)

    The third was a chemical pregnancy. (age 36)

    I am now 37 and still trying, but my numbers are starting to not look too great.

    Last checked they were:
    Nov 06: fsh 4.1, e2 153
    Dec 06: fsh 5.5, e2 98

    I did IVF in March 07 and had to cancel the cycle b/c I produced only 3 eggs (although the baseline US had 11). I understand your info about high E2 numbers being not good. My question is does anyone know how much a high E2 level supresses FSH level? My FSH levels look good, could they still be OK, even if the high E2 may be supressing the FSH value somewhat? Or, is this high of an E2 always a bad sign?

    I’ve been doing acupuncture regularly, what is your opinion on effectiveness of acupuncture and herbs?


  12. Deanna says:

    Thanks so much for this blog, Dr L.

    I had my FSH tested last month after I had 2 large ovarian cysts removed and it was 14. This month, it was 10.

    I’m 32 yrs old and getting married next year. I’ll continue to monitor it but it looks like we’ll be trying sooner than later for kids. Any advice?

  13. Anonymous says:

    FSH should be < 70
    E2 < 13.5

  14. Anonymous says:

    can u post more info about FSH levels…my fsh levels are bw 15-20 n my doc says im on my way to POF

  15. Anonymous says:

    First of all, thank you very much for this blog. I´m 39, and after a miscarriage last August I´m thinking about IFV because I cannot get pregnant again. Here you have my Hormone levels results on Day 2:
    – FSH: 1,83 mUL/ml
    – LH: 2,6 mUI /ml
    – Prolactine: 18,7 ng/ml
    – Beta-EStradiol: 558 pg/ml
    What do you think about my high levels of Estradiol?
    I read that those high levels can “supress” the FSH levels.
    Do you think that I can go directly to IFV?
    Thank you very much!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I recently turned 38, just ended a serious relationship and had my levels tested in case I want to freeze my eggs. I have:

    FSH – 2.1
    LH – 1.3
    Estrodiol: 150

    MY OBGYN wants me to see a fertility specialist to determine what my options are. Anyone else out there with similar levels? It appears the high estrodiol may be suppressing a high FSH level. It’s unclear to me why this is a problem.

  17. Anonymous says:

    my daughter who is 15 years old has been recently diagnosed with adrenal insuffciency. she takes 5mlg a day of steriods and still does not feel any better. her estradoil levels have been increasing with every blood test the last one read 880 so they did a cat scan of her addrenal glands and an ultra sound of her ovaries and they found no mass on either. she has heavy periods which started when she was 9 . she had surgery to seperate her bowel and bladder but he did not do a byopsy. why are her estradoil levels so high ? and also her testoterone was very high.

    Thank you for your time,


  18. Anonymous says:

    My day 3 fsh was 4.9 and my estradiol was 12. I’ve had 2 miscarriage and dr. says that blood test is “normal”. Is my estradiol too low? Could this be my problem?

  19. Anonymous says:


    Wondering if there is any point in me trying fertility treatment. I am 48 years old, never had any children and Estrodiol levels vary (last time 57), LH around 40, FSH around 140. If I wanted to conceive, is egg donor my only option? Please advise. Thank you in advance. – having major regrets not having children(to my surprise)

  20. Anonymous says:

    i am 26 with 2 sons have not had a period since end 2005,really wanted another child but been told going through menpoause,about 3 month ago had tests and they were
    FSH 125
    LH 51
    test 2 week ago has come back
    FSH 88
    LH 45

    does anyone know if this is a good sign or should i give up hope of having another child, thanks in advance

  21. mstee305 says:

    I was recently tested and my FSH level was 85 (yeah I know), they re-tested me and guess what…its 105!!!! Ohh man. I have NO kids 🙁 My egg quality and quantity is very low. I’m supposed to have atleast 25,000 eggs…I only have about 10. I’m trying to make sure that the egg donor option is my LAST option…God always has the last say so, but is there any chance??? feedback is greatly appreciated from all. I CAN handle the truth…

  22. mstee305 says:

    I was recently tested and my FSH level was 85 (yeah I know), they re-tested me and guess what…its 105!!!! Ohh man. I have NO kids 🙁 My egg quality and quantity is very low. I’m supposed to have atleast 25,000 eggs…I only have about 10. I’m trying to make sure that the egg donor option is my LAST option…God always has the last say so, but is there any chance??? feedback is greatly appreciated from all. I CAN handle the truth…

  23. David says:

    My wife and I recently had a blood test on day 4 because we couldn’t get to a clinic on days 2/3. the FSH levels were good (~6) but the estradiol levels were on the high side (~85). Could you tell us if estradiol levels measured on day 4 are likely to be similar to day 3, or should we ignore these test results completely?

    Thanks so much!

  24. Solange says:

    Thank you for this blog!
    I am 44 years old, no kids and last week I had my first ever FSH and LH exam.
    The results are FSH 26.3 and LH 12.6. My Dr. says that they are too high and wants me to re-test.
    For the past year my menses are very irregular (never 28 days as it was before, or 30 days. Now is between 37 to 42 days -last month gap. He also told me that if the numbers are the same or higher, that the only chance I have to get pregnant is by IVF.
    My questions: Is there anything known that can lower my FSH?
    If not, is the IVF my only chance of having a baby?
    Thank for any help. All the best

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi I am 41 have a 14 month old son and have been trying to concieve again since he was 6 months old with no luck. IVF Dr. told me my chances of concieving on my own are 5% assisted IUI about 10-13% and with IVF about 20-25%. I wanted to start a cycle of IUI this month. I went today to get day 2 blood work and ultrasound showed a fairly large cyst on one ovary and a small one on the other. My Estrogen was 90.2 and my FSH 8.9. I thought the FSH was good until I read on the web that if your Estogen is high it can give you a falsely lower FSH. Which corelates to egg reserve. I am so confused now I just want one more baby and my husband has given me a time limit of my 42nd birthday to get pregnant because he really only wanted one child to begin with. I wanted 3 so we agreed on two and it doesn’t seem like I will get that with such rotten odds. I am so sad thanks for listening!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am completely confused. I have been told that my tests results for FSH and Oestradiol were good for my age (42) but now I have no idea

    at day 3 my FSH was 7.2 IU/L
    and my Oestradiol was 278 pmol/l

    please can you advise is this a concern? will I ever beable to conceive with my eggs.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi – I am a women of 34 with a child aged 12 and have not had a cycle for nearly two years now – I have been under investigation and been told I have ovarian failure? current test levels fsh 11 Estradiol below 40pg/ml LH 56
    I would love moew children – can anyone give me some advice? I would love to hear a similar case.


  28. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Liccardi,

    I am a women aged 34. For the past 3 months I have had high estrogen levels which have been tested at day 2. As a result of this I have not been able to go ahead with the IVF process as my insurance does not approve it. I also have been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. I am worried that I will never be able to go ahead with the 2nd IVF treatment. Are there any chances? My estrogen level has been higher than 80.

  29. Viviana says:

    Dr. Liccardi,

    I see that you have a lot of posts to answer, I just hope you have some time to answer mine, I would really appreaciate it.

    I am 22 years old and I started having policistic ovaries when I was 15. Doctors gave me for that contraceptives. I’ve been taking contraceptives for 4 years now because I am in a relationship. When I wanted to stop I didnt get my period for a month. I took the next test and my results didnt look good. I am affraid I wont be able to get pregnant. My results are:

    LH: 0.6
    P4: 0.4
    Prolactine: 18.1
    Testosterone: 0.5
    TSH: 1.03

    The test was taken on the 3th day of my cycle.
    Can you please give me your opinion. Should I take another test? Do you think those levels of E2 mean that I am menopausic? My doctor tells me to wait for 6 months until I take the test again.

    Thank you very much for your time,


  30. Anonymous says:

    I am a single 36 year old.
    After an extremely stressful phase since Feb 09, my periods are lighter and shortened from 3 to 2 days. My FSH is 7 and estrogen is 66pmol/l. I have been told it is stress, but Im scared it could be perimenopause. Can perimenopause be ruled out?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am a single 36 year old.
    After an extremely stressful phase since Feb 09, my periods are lighter and shortened from 3 to 2 days. My FSH is 7 and estrogen is 66pmol/l. I have been told it is stress, but Im scared it could be perimenopause. Can perimenopause be ruled out?

  32. Ralph says:

    I’m a single young man of 28 years old. I’d a lymphome (radio along one month and chemotherapy, before, along six months), I’m diabetic, I’d had a really big and continuous stressed and sedentary life since 1998 and I’m going to start making sport (gym, with aerobic and muscular jobs)…
    Later than the chemotherapy my volume and quality of sperm was very good (4’5 cm3, 90.000.000 /cm3, 95% moving, 92% normal forms), but later than radiotherapy, things changed…
    I took part in a national sperm quality test three years ago, and the result was disastrous: 2 cm3, 25.000.000/mm3, 40% in normal forms, 25% in moving elements.
    Hormones were in the bottom of normal levels (testosterone, FSH, LH and GnH; and TSH were a little upper level).
    I’d like to know if, with sport and some “natural” help (Tribulus, root of Urtica and ), I could get a normal quality in sperm or, at least, in hormone levels, and possible contraindications or negative interactions with aspirine, paracetamol or if it could be bad for heart).
    Thank for this page.

  33. Joanne says:

    Please can you advise if these levels are a concern, the fertility centre has advised that a level of E2 below 200 is normal, mine is as follows on cycle day2:
    FSH 4.9
    E2 162

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hope someone can help… was supposed to start my first round of puregon today and after coming home after receiving my first injection the doctor called and told me to skip this cycle because my estrogen levels are too high (400)…does anyone know what this means?

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Anonymous says:


  37. kate says:

    Dear Dr Licciardi, I’m 43 years old.have one 7 years old child.Had 2 months marional hormon treatments with insemination.No success. Have no periode for 3 months. Recent hormon test FSH 58 mIU/ml,LH45.5.
    Do I have any chance with IVf to get pregnant.
    Thank you so much.

  38. shazia says:

    Im 38years old my fsh is 14.7 ihave to repeat it but cycle length has become 40 days if i will take progesterone for withdrawal bleed does it alter my fsh levels & gives false report im planning for ivf.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I hope you will be able to help me.
    I am 36 years old and had a baby at 21. I fell pregnant at 20 right away after having stopped the pill.
    After that I didn’t take pill anymore because I could stand it.
    I got married in december 2008 and we are triyng to conceive since then. I am at my 16th unsuccessful cycle.
    After 6 months, we went to a fertility center here in Singapore and they said that it was hopeless as my FSH was at 27.8…even IVF would be impossible( even if the ovulation occured and the egg well released, and I am ovulating every month with regular cycles of 29 days)
    I started acupuncture and the next month my FSH was at 11.5.The doctor tested my oestrodiol at the end of the cycle and said it was a little bit low.Told us to keep trying…
    Then few months after he asked me to do a HSG, without doing more blood test, and said that after we’ll do IUI with superovulation.
    I didn’t want to do a such invasive test as I am not in my home country.
    Why didn’t he try IUI without doing HSG before?
    Everybody here says that with an High FSH i don’t have any chance to conceive because my eggs are older and fewer. How could they be older than my age?
    I started homeopathie 2 months ago…hope it will work.
    Is there still any hope for me?
    Thank you for answering…I am a desperate expat wife, without my family and friends around.


  40. Anonymous says:


    I’m replying to those who had queries about estradiol level. I’m 36 years old and I’m currently doing IUI. I’m one of those people who fall under the category of ‘unexplained infertility’. My FSH is 5.7 i had blood test on several occasions for FSH and LH and they were all around the same mark. But my estradiol level on day 2 was high and as a result of that i couldnt start the fsh/gonadotrophin injections for IUI. I was worried as the nurses wasnt able to explain why i had high estradiol level on 2. They asked me to come back the next cycle and again it was the same story. This went on 3 times. One of our friend is a consultant in the hopital I’m seeking treatment, she specialises and runs the fertility clinic. She even wrote a book on infertility in UK. I rang her up, she told me not to worry as high estradiol level is good news which indicates that the reproductive level are efficient and are functioning well. I wasnt convinced at first but I trusted her and left at that. I was down regulated and once i was able to start the injections i was so surprised how well I reacted to the injections/drugs. I only took the injections for 5 days and I had several follicles alreaday maturing. The first cycle was abadoned as I produced too may follicles in such a short time with very low dosage. My consultant said for my age she didnt expect me to produce so well. She said I will not have any problems in the ovarian reserve department and convinced that i will get pregnant in a matter of time. I know people in my clinic who had low level of estradiol(E2) on day 2 but had to extent the injections because they couldnt produce any eggs at all. Some had to stop the cycle because cycst was found to be developing. I have short cycle that varies between 23-27 days and may be that’s why my ovaries have already started working on day 2. But what ever the reason in my case high estradiol level has not been a problem for me in terms of producing eggs or fertility. I’m now doing injections on alternate day with very low dosage. I hope this helps. Good luck to you all girls no matter what dont lose faith! Anita

  41. Anonymous says:

    i tried ivf twice in two alternate cycles and it has failed. my fsh levels was 9 in the first attempt and 10 in the second attempt.
    now after 6 months, i got my blood test done.the fsh level is 5.5 and e2 is 20. please tell me
    1)does this mean that my levels are normal
    2) how can there be such a vast difference in the readings ?
    3) can i attempt for my third try in two months time?
    thank you

  42. sildenafil says:

    Glad to be seeing a doctor who is caring and understanding that also manages to give a good opinion. It really makes a difference, no matter what the final result.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I have question I hope you can help with. My husband and I have been trying for seven years. I have an eight year old and was on the depo for a year after him. My cycles were very irregular and are starting to mellow out so I thought. My husband’s heart medication has been changed so we are actively trying again. I started my cycle May 29th give or take a day. I have yet to start my cycle today 6-28-2010 but had mucousy pink discharge on 6-24-2010 with pain on my left side. They ran tests at the emergency room. My urinalysis came back fine with some red and white blood cells detectible. My white count was elevated just a little. My estradiol is 102 pg/l and my fsh is 5.8 Miu/ml. What can be wrong with me?

  44. Nicole says:

    Hi Thank you for starting this blog. I just got my Day 3 blood work done to start ivf. My E2 level was 110 and my FSH was 7.7. What does this mean and will I be able to get ivf done?

  45. Anonymous says:

    I’m new in this journery- and after my 24-72 hrs of nothing but tears, loss of hope, etc- I’m on my knees- and searching the best book of knowledge i know- The Bible.
    33yrs old, last child 4yrs ago- conceived naturally- I’m a nurse, so it’s really hard for me to be hopeful initially-because i beleive in “lab results”

    My fsh was 19.3 and estrodil 56-so upset. This was our first test (besides the lap.) that was so awful to hear the results.

    I am taking the wheatgrass pills, DHEA, and Co10- and I’m praying ALOT. ya’ know – our God opened every women’s womb in the BIble- but one. EVERY ONE of them!- I’m holding onto that!

    I also began praying that- i have strength that IF, this never happens, I can really “accept” His way, rather than mine.-that’s really, really hard!

    I do have faith that if indeed, He created the earth, etc.- He can handle this-

    Today’s a “good” day for my spirits- and the first time i have EVER posted (besides online classes)but I do feel it helps to know others are feeling the way i am- Don’t give up, pray, study the book of life, and eat/drink well-

  46. In my opinion, to many guys like this one, could try to start a blog like this. They’ve a lot of medical knowledge and also can help a lot of people by internet. I just want to said thanks for this initiative to help.

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  47. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am currently in my first IVF cycle. My Dr. started me on 24 days of BCP (zovia), lupron 15IU on day 20 of BCP, follistim 75IU after 12 days on lupron (lupron now down to 10IU), and menopure 75IU at same time. after 6 days of follistim and menopure, i had 24 follicles at 6mm. estrogen level was at 94.90. continued meds (same dose) and 2 days later my follies were at 9mm. two days later there was no growth. did not do another blood test for estrogen, but doc said it is going down. increased follistim to 125 and same lupron and menopure. doing this for 5 days and going back for ultrasound. what are my chances of growing my follies with such low dosage of meds? I am PCO, so I know why he is going slow, but I think i need more meds. What do you think???

  48. Anonymous says:

    FSH :5.51

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hi doctor,
    I am 36+, one IVF cycle failed probably due to poor endometrium thickness (6.8mm).
    D2 FSH: 6.3
    LH: 5.6
    E2: 74
    Ovulation induction by:
    FSH 300IU 9 days
    Humog 150 IU 6 days
    Estrogen 2mg

    ET 6.8 mm
    Follicles 9 matured of 20-22 mm.
    IVF failed

    2nd cycle after 2 months:
    ovulation induction by letrozol
    Estrogen 2mg

    D-15 ET 5mm
    follicles 4 matured of 14-18mm.
    IUI failed.

    Husband’s sperm count 10 million/ml
    46% live
    12% normal morpho
    15% active motile

    Can you please suggest how can I increase endometrial thickness along with good ovarian response?

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dr.
    Thank u for this blog I’m 42 my fsh on my 3 day was
    11.8 and my estridol was 31 what do u think are my chances on getting pregnang with artificial insemination?

  51. Olgal says:

    Hi Dr.
    Thank u for this blog I’m 42 my fsh on my 3 day was
    11.8 and my estridol was 31 what do u think are my chances on getting pregnang with artificial insemination?

  52. Anonymous says:

    HI Dr,

    I was wandering if you could give me a reason why my E2 goes so high in IVF. The day before my trigger I generally get to over 13,000 and this really worries me I will get OHSS. My FSH stim is only with 225 and I am 41. I had about 16 follicles but they only retrived 10 eggs. I also am hOMO and HETRO MTHFR. Should I be worried and why would I be getting so high?? Thanks…

  53. Anonymous says:

    I am waiting to start my IVF cycle. My day 3 estradiol was 59.5, FSH was 2.9 on June 15, 2011. Dr wanted me to start Birth Control Pills (Loestrin) on same day. On July 3 I took my last pill and then on July 6, I had morning US and ES, FSH test. ES found 80 and FSH was 6. Now my dr thinks the level is high so she tested again next day to see if it goes down but ES went up to 100. So she wants me to start taking pills again for three weeks from July 9. Now my question is whether taking BCP actually helping me to get the desired day 3 ES level or making it worse?

  54. Anonymous says:

    It is conforting to know that there are many woman of all ages that are going thru the same problem and is so admirable that a doctor will take his time to create this blog. Thank you. I just turned 46 and did not had my period for about 6 months. As I consulted an endocrinologist he order a FSH and Estradio, the results were: 21 and 136, then about a month later I got my period and the new results were: FSH: 10 and Estradiol: 176. He said “no improvement” and there is nothing we can do. Is there any hope? if so, what could I do? Thank you before hand for your input.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I am 32 with POCOS and just had my retrieval with 28 eggs. My estradiol was 5,400. The doc is planning on day 5 transfer but is worried about OHSS. I am very crampy but drinking lots. Do the estradiol levels drop after retrieval? I am worried about the OHSS and getting really sick

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hey Doc, though this isn’t a comment and it may not be connected directly to the subject here…but i have been almost everywhere trying to figure this out.

    Is it possible to suppress the ‘S’ in one’s genotype make up? i mean if someone with the AS genotype wishes to marry another with the same AS, what can they do medically to eliminate the chances of having sickle cell kids? i know the chances are 25% but it would be great to know there is an option that can put someones mind to rest. Anything to help please.

  57. Shay says:

    6 years ago my FSH was 16.9 and E2 was 42… I don’t know what this means! All I got was invtro wasn’t going to help the issue… Still childless, but not for the lack of trying! Help me understand what it means. I need closure to this infertility nightmare

  58. Anonymous says:

    I would like to ask you a question about the topic you opened.
    I am 27 and i am doing 3 years tests about E2 and FSH (always at the 3 day), as I have high levels of FSH and low of E2. Three years ago I had E2 49 FSH 10,4 and LH 5,2. One year ago the FSH reached 21 and then returned to 17, E2 reached 7 and then returned to 49 and LH was about at the same level. At the same time TSH reached 6,8. My gynecologist told me he beleives that the high level of FSH is due to TSH but all the endocrinologists i visited didnt support his opinion. Finally i took T4 to regulate TSH and i just took the new results and FsH is lower. FSH 11,3, LH 10,3 and E2 35 and TSH is ok. But, no one gives me a clear response if a have a fertility problem, or if i have to do something to change this numbers. i am realy anxious about the law leves of E2. Could you please tell me your opinion?
    thank you very much in advance

  59. Cialis says:

    I didn’t know that the dates were so important.

  60. Well that’s just gorgeous 🙂 That’s very good. I would like your sharing 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing knowledge with us. This site is fantastic. I always find great knowledge from it.

  61. Anonymous says:


    Does anyone know if this is a good results? I am very nervous about it. FSH 7.1 % and Estrogen is 16%

    Please does anyone know if this is
    bad, we are trying to get pregnant
    for 2 years now..

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