I am sorry that this blog only applies to a small percentage of you: residents of the State of New York, but the message is so important I feel I need to spread the word.

New York State gives money to those who need it for IVF. The program is called the New York State Infertility Grant Program, or “The Grant” for short. To be eligible you must be 21-44 years of age, a New York State resident and have a combined household income of less than 200,000. You must show your most recent federal and NYS tax returns. If your income is 100,000, the state will pay for approximately ½ your cycle. If you make less they pay for more; if you make more they pay for less. This is approximately how it works. Our billing managers can tell you more about the details and any other costs.

Also, you must have commercial health insurance. Any one will do except Medicare, Medicaid, and HealthPlus; these are not commercial carriers.

You need to have had 4 cycles of ovulation induction (OI), unless you are not a candidate for OI due to tubal disease or severe male factor infertility.

There are a few other rules. Start by going to nyufertilitycenter.org and click under financial information. On the left you will see NYS Infertility Project. On that page you will find everything you need to get started. You can also click a link to the New York Department of Health.

It’s easy to fill out the application and it does not take very long for the application to get reviewed.

Some patients have come to our office knowing about the grant; in fact the grant is what brought them to see us. In other cases, patients are very happily surprised when I tell them such a grant exists. I am even more surprised that they had not heard of this great opportunity.

Only certain IVF centers are approved by NYS to be grant sites, and those centers are listed on the New York State Department of Health website. You can hit the link from the NYU site. I want to also say that I am not the only doctor in our office that can work with you as a patient on the grant. Drs Noyes and Berkeley would be happy to see you too.

So if you need IVF, live in New York, and have commercial health insurance, IVF may have just become less expensive for you.

I’ll try to get another blog out within the week.

Dr. Licciardi