In February 2009, “The Infertility Blog” celebrated 3 years of production. I have been very pleased with the response. At least once per week someone tells me how valuable they find the information and how much they appreciate the effort.

Not only is it an effort to produce, I am finding it’s a lot of work for patients to read the 121 entries to date. Sometimes patients ask me to write on a certain topic, and I have to say, “I already did, go back and check.”

So to make it easier, here is the table of contents of Blogs so far. These are the “topic blogs”. They are not all of the blogs as there are many “Answers to Questions” sprinkled in between. Hopefully this will give you easier access to the information from earlier chapters. You can also print it to keep as a reference.

In addition, you can search the blog. In the upper left next to the orange e sign, is a box for you to type in your search words. If you type in a word such as FSH or SART, blogs containing those words will be listed.

Here you have it. Feel free to share it with others needing help.

2/05/06: A Woman Who Thought Her Hysterogram was normal. A classic story of a woman being surprised when I told her the radiologist read her hysterogram incorrectly.

2/07/06: From No Sperm, to a Few Sperm, to Twins. A classic story about a couple who was told by one doctor they had no sperm, but who saw another who said they had sperm.

2/15/06: No More Happy Birthdays. Birthdays and infertility can mix.

2/22/06: The Dreaded Biochemical Pregnancy. Explains the diagnosis and meaning of a biochemical pregnancy.

3/05/06: The First of a Few about FSH levels. Day 3 FSH levels explained.

3/09/06: FSH Levels: An Excuse to Send Patients Away. In some cases pregnancy is possible with elevated FSH levels.

3/12/06: FSH and Estradiol (Estrogen). Discusses day 2/3 estrogen levels and their relationship to FSH levels and pregnancy rates.

3/21/06: But Doc, What Went Wrong? Maybe Nothing. Your doctor can’t always explain why cycles are not successful.

3/27/06: Endometriosis: It’s Everywhere, but in Small Amounts. An introduction to endometriosis and its effect on fertility.

4/02/06: Endometriosis: What Are you Waiting For. Endometriosis is both over-diagnosed and under-diagnosed.

4/07/06: Why Do We Do IUI? Insemination can be more successful than intercourse.

4/12/06: Is There Enough Sperm for IUI? IUI can help with low, but not very low counts.

4/18/06: What are Your Odds? Don’t start treatments until you know your odds with each procedure.

4/22/06: This is Your Brain, This is Your Brain on Clomid. Clomid had some unique side effects.

4/27/06: The Clomid Death Sentence: Too many months on Clomid can kill your chances.

5/4/06: Sperm Morphology Mythology. Morphology may not be that important.

5/11/06: Abnormal Sperm Can Fertilize Eggs and Make Babies. More on morphology.

5/17/06The Disclaimer: Medical advice must come from your doctor.

5/19/06: Hysterograms: Let’s Not Forget the Uterus. Focusing on the tubes can miss important information about the uterus.

5/31/06: Who is Reading Your HSG? Reading the report without looking at the films doesn’t cut it.

6/04/06: Pregnancy Rates Matter. The pregnancy rates from each program are published by SART and the CDC. You should read the reports.

6/16/09: Your Doctor’s IVF Pregnancy Rates are Available to You. More of the same.

6/22/06: Ovarian Cysts Part One: Normal Ovulation. The term “Ovarian Cyst” can have many meanings.

7/01/06: The doctor said I can’t start because I have a cyst. What it means to have a cyst on day 2/3.

7/06/06: PCO: Pretty Cute Ovaries? What is PCO?

7/13/06: You Can’t Have a Baby Unless you are Pregnant. The positive pregnancy test can be the start of a good thing.

7/20/06: How to subscribe to this blog. Get the blog sent to you.

7/21/06: Uterine Scar Tissue After a D&C. D &C, and the potential for scarring.

8/03/06: Abnormal Bleeding? Don’t have a D and C without a Hysteroscopy (and have an ultrasound first). “Blind” scraping doesn’t help much.

8/20/06: The Boxes of Pregnancy and Miscarriage. Especially when infertile, miscarriage really hits home.

8/28/06: Diagnostic Laparoscopy. Becoming a less-important infertility treatment.

9/11/06: Psychologists are Available: Consider Using Them. Why go it alone.

9/19/06: Hysteroscopy 101. An explanation of Hysteroscopy.

9/25/06: Is LH Important for IVF Success? There is little controversy; LH is not so magic.

10/05/06: Blocked Tubes: 2 Cases of Proximal Tubal Occlusion. Blocked tubes can mean different things.

10/17/06: I called and an embryo picked up the phone. Embryos do grow up.

10/27/06: What About Tubes that are Blocked at the Other End, Near the Ovary? More discussion about tubal blockage.

11/09/06: How Many Embryos are You Putting Back? Fewer is usually better.

11/20/06: How Can the Pregnancy be Bad But Still Growing? A few details about early pregnancy loss.

11/30/06 What’s a Hormone? Definition and examples of reproductive hormones.

12/09/06: What is Lupron and Why Are Only Some People Using It? Insight into different stimulation protocols.

12/12/06: More On Lupron and Why We Don’t use it as Much. More of the same.

1/08/07L Microdose or Microflare or Flare Lupron. More of the same.

1/20/07: Sperm Deficient Females Can Be Quite Fertile. Many donor sperm patients get pregnant quickly.

1/28/07: So Your Uterus is Bicornuate? Check Again, and Again. It may really be a septum, and it’s very important to know.

2/06/07: Bicornuate or Septate? What’s difference and why it matters.

2/26/07: Last One About Septums. How and why they are corrected.

3/10/07: When and How to time the IUI. Home and office monitoring.

3/16/07: A Little More about IUI. Inseminate one day or 2?

3/15/07: More on PCO. The basics workup, cysts and treatment.

4/02/07: Polycystic Ovaries and Insulin Resistance. What PCO can mean for your health.

4/04/07: Even More about Polycystic Ovaries. Is Metformin useful?

4/23/07: The Last Word on PCO, For Now. Modifying fertility the work-up for PCO patients.

5/06/07: The PGD Paradox: On paper, PGD for aneuploidy sounds great, but so far it has not lived up to expectations.

5/15/07: 3 Good Stories About 2 Opinions. Why wouldn’t you get a second opinion?

5/23/07: More About PGD. The pros and cons of PGD for aneupliody.

5/31/07: Ectopic Pregnancy. One woman’s story of a tubal pregnancy.

6/09/07: Ectopic Pregnancy FAQ’s. Some basics about ectopic pregnancies.

6/19/07: More questions About Ectopic Pregnancies. Treatment with Methotrexate.

6/29/07: Miscarriage and the Immune System (antibodies). Testing of the immune system.

7/12/07: Miscarriage, Infertility, Antibodies and the Immune System. More evidence would be helpful.

7/22/07: Meeting Your Doctor: What are You Thinking, What is the Doctor Thinking? Your doctor should make your first visit a positive experience.

7/30/07: A Bit More on Seeing Your New Doctor. Don’t let pre-conceived notions keep you from seeing a fertility doctor.

8/17/07: The Follicular Phase and the Luteal Phase. A basic understanding of the menstrual cycle.

8/25/07: Luteal Phase Defect. What are we looking for in the biopsy?

9/05/07: Luteal Phase Defect 3. More about how we make the diagnosis.

9/11/07: Four Simple Clicks Will Help You Have a Baby. You owe it to yourself to check the pregnancy rates of your clinic. It’s all at

9/28/07: More About Pregnancy Rates: How to decipher the pregnancy statistics.

10/06/07: Why is Progesterone Used for IVF? The sources and actions of progesterone.

11/06/07: Are You Sure You Need Donor Eggs? Some women are pushed into Donor Egg.

11/19/07: What’s a Fibroid? What they are, how they start and the problems they cause.

12/01/07: Myomectomy. How it’s done.

12/06/07: Fertility and Diet. Mostly involves losing excess weight to improve ovulation.

12/17/07: Exercise. Please exercise.

1/03/08: Your Fibroid: Should it Stay or Should it Go? Which fibroids require removal.

1/12/08: More About Fibroid Surgery. Complications of the myomectomy procedure.

1/21/08: Minimal Stimulation. Less may not be more.

2/01/08: If You Live in the State of New York, the Government May Help Pay for Your IVF. It’s called the New York State Demonstration Project.

2/19/08: Fertility Questions: SCSA. Sperm DNA tests are unproven.

3/11/08: Fertility Preservation. Authoritative information about egg freezing.

4/13/08: Varicocele. A controversial operation.

6/10/08: The Endometrium. The essentials about the uterine lining.

6/22/08: The Endometrium Part II. The thin lining and scar tissue.

7/21/08: Improving Endometrial Thickness. Tricks of the trade to make the lining thicker; limited success.

8/02/08: The Endometrium Part III. Less conventional therapies.

9/01/08: Polyps. The significance of these benign growths inside the uterus.

11/26/08: Stories of Persistence. Women who succeeded by not listening to the doctor.

12/14/08: The Road to Blastocyst: Eggs and Embryos. Understanding the embryology part one.

1/12/09: More About Embryos. Developing embryos and embryo morphology.

1/27/09: Just Before Blastocyst: The Morlula. Day 4 embryos.

4/08/09: Meet the Blastocyst: Photos and descriptions of blastocysts.

4/27/09: What Can Blastocyst Do For You? A good blastocyst program can help you get pregnant with fewer embryos.