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Today’s blog is a little different, as it is the first one of mine that uses a video.What you will see is actual footage of me performing surgery to repair a large uterine septum.I have viewed many such videos on line and feel that they leave room for improvement. The explanations are not clear; plus I am not impressed with the techniques of many of the surgeons.

It’s very hard for a patient to rate the quality of the surgery they are viewing so I just have to come out and say that what you will see here is surgery of a very high standard.The 3 important things are that I work quickly, I don’t cut away too little, and I don’t cut away too much.If you are curious, you can look at other videos on line and with time you can easily see the differences. Many of the videos show the septum treated by burning it away. I do not like that technique because I think that burning is more likely to lead to scaring. And once you get scar in the uterus, it may be hard for normal function to ever return. You will see I cut with a scissors, which allows for better healing.

I have been working on this video for over a month, and every day see parts that I would like to improve and update (not the surgery part, but the intro photos and some of my voice-overs) .So in time, updated versions will be published, but there is more than enough here to publish now.So here it is; I hope you enjoy it.Feel free to show it to your doctors, I think they will like it too.<Because there is a difference among surgeons, it is wise to seek a second opinion always. Even if you love your own doctor, I would be happy to give you the peace of mind of a second opinion. I have seen many, many women avoid surgery all together simply by taking the extra precaution of a second opinion. It’s well worth it.

Click the link and the video will appear.

For more important information, see my other blogs about uterine septums.

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Dr. Licciardi