Dr. Licciardi Performing Surgery to Repair Uterine Septum

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Today’s blog is a little different, as it is the first one of mine that uses a video.What you will see is actual footage of me performing surgery to repair a large uterine septum.I have viewed many such videos on line and feel that they leave room for improvement. The explanations are not clear; plus I am not impressed with the techniques of many of the surgeons.

It’s very hard for a patient to rate the quality of the surgery they are viewing so I just have to come out and say that what you will see here is surgery of a very high standard.The 3 important things are that I work quickly, I don’t cut away too little, and I don’t cut away too much.If you are curious, you can look at other videos on line and with time you can easily see the differences. Many of the videos show the septum treated by burning it away. I do not like that technique because I think that burning is more likely to lead to scaring. And once you get scar in the uterus, it may be hard for normal function to ever return. You will see I cut with a scissors, which allows for better healing.

I have been working on this video for over a month, and every day see parts that I would like to improve and update (not the surgery part, but the intro photos and some of my voice-overs) .So in time, updated versions will be published, but there is more than enough here to publish now.So here it is; I hope you enjoy it.Feel free to show it to your doctors, I think they will like it too.<Because there is a difference among surgeons, it is wise to seek a second opinion always. Even if you love your own doctor, I would be happy to give you the peace of mind of a second opinion. I have seen many, many women avoid surgery all together simply by taking the extra precaution of a second opinion. It’s well worth it.

Click the link and the video will appear. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf0XIPNnPlo&feature=feedu

For more important information, see my other blogs about uterine septums.

Thanks for viewing, and please read disclaimer 5.17.06.

Dr. Licciardi

23 responses to “Dr. Licciardi Performing Surgery to Repair Uterine Septum”

  1. Courtney says:

    Thank you for posting the video. I had a uterine septum removed in September and had wondered what it looked like on the inside. They told me that my septum was impressive in size. I’m glad to have it gone!

  2. Do you do any procedures to unblock Fallopian tubes?

  3. I also saw that you removed a polyp. Can polyps of any size cause miscarriage? I just went to a new RE and the first thing that he noticed on one of my ultrasounds from my obgyn was what suggested to be a polyp. I have done three ivf cycles this year one resulting in a miscarriage and my RE at the time never mentioned anything about a polyp. Can they be seen on the ultrasounds when you are having your follicles measured? Thanks

  4. Rachel says:

    Thank you for taking the time to put this video up, and making the explanation very clear. I didn’t realise there was an option of having the septum removed just by cutting it (as opposed to burning / laser). Its a good thing to know about the scar tissue. If it is burnt, does the normal uterine lining grow over the top again as you explained with the one in the video? or is the tissue left behind after burning not suitable for that? I have to have my septum removed, but must first lower my BMI before I can have the operation done, and I’m trying to arm myself with information. Videos and blogs like yours are so incredible valuable, thank you so much.

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  8. Groupdmt says:

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  9. Sunny says:

    Hi Dr. Licciardi, I have been a follower of the blog for a while now, and have read every post since 2006. Your wealth of information and knowledge is phenomenal. Thank you. I’m not sure if this is the forum to ask questions, but I thought I would give it a go: I am 5’6″ and 125lbs, 31 years old, and recently diagnosed thin/PCOS. I have glucose level of 146 after a one hour glucose test which skews slightly insulin resistant. I have cystic ovaries, and no period for 70 days now. I am currently TTC, but I am on no medication to help me ovulate yet. For a patient like me, what would the first foray be into fertility meds? Clomid only? What dose would you normally recommend for someone who has never attempted to ovulation stimulators? Also, do you tend to see different responses in fertility treatments for PCOS based on whether or not a patient is thin or overweight? Thank you kindly for your insights.

  10. Jenny says:

    Natural Cycle Question

    Dr. Licciardi,
    I hope it is not poor etiquette to write a comment with a question that has nothing to do with the post, but here goes:
    My basic question whether you are aware of any statistics (i.e. success rates) for natural cycle FET. If it matters, this would be using donor eggs.
    A little background: When I was 33 I learned I have high FSH (e.g. one month it was over 16). We tried IUIs, all failed. Our clinic did not consider me a candidate for IVF with my own eggs so we used an egg donor and had a successful pregnancy. For our second attempt, a medicated FET, four embryos had to be thawed to get a healthy one and then the FET failed (HCG of 5 on day 11, negative on day 16). We have only three embryos left and all of this has been uninsured.
    We’re pondering whether to do a natural cycle FET and there is just not a lot of information out there and I would appreciate anything you can add.
    Thank you for your hard work.

  11. ashwaria says:

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  12. Mattress says:

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  16. Anonymous says:

    I took clomid and after 4 days I was having bad side effects my dr said i was having an allergic reaction. Headache, depression, my arms and legs would go really numb, very bad hot flashes. i do not sweat even when I do cardio and I was dropping sweat like i was in a sauna. palpitations, dehydration and i drunk 2 gallons of water per day!!! She thinks I can’t handle any stronger drugs. Husband has mobility issues with sperm. He does not want to try anymore. I am depressed and suicidal.

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  21. Anonymous says:

    This is a fantastic video. I’ve had two separate hysteroscopies to remove my large uterine septum. The first surgeon didn’t remove anything. My before and after saline sonograms and HSGs looked exactly the same. After viewing this video I just don’t understand how that surgeon could do nothing. He was clearly incompetent. The second surgeon knew what he was doing and removed my septum with no problems whatsoever. One year later I am 25 weeks pregnant. My advice: find a competent doctor who knows what they are doing. Get multiple opinions and read online reviews. Better yet, find and speak with women that have used that surgeon!

  22. Barbed Wire says:

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  23. Enjoyed your surfing story. Curious to find out how the surgery went. All the best

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